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Some people need to act their age

like no joke. really? you expected me not to say anything after talking smack bout my family like that?? you are dumb. no you are D.R.A.M.A.(Dumb Retard Asking for More Attention) You shouldn’t have brought up something you don’t even have a clue about. Telling me indirectly that i should tell you face-to-face which is what somebody probably told you cuz all you do is talk shit behind a computer screen. Am not mad, i just think its funny that you try to make it seem like you are going to do something to me when i don’t ever see you and you have no part in my life. At least i didn’t tell the whole world what you did. no, i just told the most important person that should care about this. Am not a bitch like you so just shut up.

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